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Nutella gemella

It is said that everybody has 7 doubles all around the world.
Instead, for what concerns Nutella Gemella, there is only one double for each of it.

//   client: Ferrero   //   project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2019   //   creative direction: Sergio Molinatto   //

//   art direction: Elena Chiara, Francesca Petruso, Davide Serena   //

Nutella Gemella

We created a special set of jars of the most worldwide famous spreadable cream: unique pieces…or almost.

For this set of Nutella Gemella, only one double exists, an identical twin hidden somewhere in Italy.

The research for the double on the national scale has to take place on the most successful platform: social networks, thanks to the code applied to the back side of the jar.

The code has to be entered in the dedicated section of the Nutella website.

The textures, right in the centre of Nutella’s initiative, are made in Arché.





The birth of a cult

First of all, we wanted the special version of Nutella jar to be nice at sight: an object with an high aesthetic and decorative value, a thing that enthusiasts could keep at home after its use. So, a jar to be eaten first with your eyes.



Uniqueness creator

Since every Nutella Gemella jar had to have one and only one twin, we were responsible for making it unique.

To do that, Ferrero took advantage of the most effective uniqueness creator: fate.

Thanks to the randomized production process of the sleeves, they succeeded in creating a huge number of variants starting from some textures made ad hoc.

A matter of texture

Every texture consists of a square fully covered with graphic elements, studied to be extremely desirable. For this reason, we had to envisage its visual result on the jar.

We did it by using a 3D rendering of the transparent container, on which we digitally applied the textures one at a time. Thus we had an accurate real time prefiguration of the future results.

This way we realized over 180 testing renderings of Nutella Gemella, during 5 different rounds of proposals.

After the launch of the project, thousands of jars were produced and not even one combination was ever repeated: the one of Nutella Gemella, simply waiting for it to be found.



Angstrom Protect

Protected skin, handsome tan

//   client: Perrigo   //   Project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2018 2019 2020   //   art direction: Elena Chiara   //   photo: Davide Serena   //

Solari Angstrom Range

Arché Comunicazione curated the packaging evolution of Solari Angstrom line.

We identified a clean and essential creativity for what concerns oils, giving ample space to transparencies.
Also the remaining 38 products of the line were redesigned for the new season: each one with its protection, together with its unique style.




Olive on Canvas

The packaging with pop-art style canvases that Saclà has given to its customers


Food to frame

In Italy, if you say olive, you mean Saclà: the renowned olives in jars are now a constant presence in the pantries, ready to accompany our aperitifs.

To celebrate this alliance, the Asti’s company asked us to create a unique art gift that would highlight not only the gastronomic taste of the olive, but also the aesthetic one.

This is how the Saclà pop-art style canvases were born.




Full speed ahead!

In addition to the graphic design of the colorful canvases, Arché has created the concept of the packaging: on the box a large S with the relative crown cuts the front cleanly, revealing the contents. So each box is different from the other because it shows a different portion of the painting.

On the other side a large bow communicates the gift.




Limited Edition

Raffaello show-off new Limited Edition packaging inspired by spring and winter.

//   client: Ferrero   //   Project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2020   //   creative direction: Sergio Molinatto   //   art direction: Francesca Petruso, Elena Chiara   //   illustrations: Irene Bedino, Elena La Rovere  //

Spring or Winter?
Anyway, Limited Edition.

Raffaello is the coconut and almond praline the most gifted among lovers. We dressed it with new graphics to accompany the product on different occasions of the year.


The girl on a bike who loses flowers from the basket immediately seemed the perfect ambassador for the upcoming spring.
Many illustrations were made to fine-tune this particular style, characterized by a slight graininess in the shadows.
To cover the needs of the entire packaging range, Arché also designed her companion and the couple in tandem.









For winter occasions, Ferrero’s marketing choice fell on a snowy romantic village, with pairs skating as protagonist packagings as well as point-of-sale materials.
Arché created the graphic design, illustrations and declination for the entire range.




Kinder Bunny

The Kinder Bunny has new friends

//   client: Ferrero   //   Project: Character Design   //   year: 2021   //   illustrations: Giorgia Laguzzi   //   photoshooting: Elisa Tamietti   //

New look
for sweet bunnies

Arché renews the range of Kinder Bunnies hollow figures, now all updated to the new style guide. The characters have a more contemporary style suitable for all ages and not just for kids.

In the executive phase, there is a long and delicate work to adapt the graphics for printing on foil, which required countless printing and coating trials, using 3D printed plastic rabbits instead of chocolate ones. All the process was made in our internal laboratory, where we also packaged the mock-ups for market surveys.





Spring friends

After working on the 55, 110 and 165 gram chocolate bunnies, we moved on to the surprise versions, available in male and female.
At the end Ferrero asked us to also develop a range of characterized rabbits, thus is how the gardeners, the painter, the teenager and the hippie were born.




The eco-espresso

A packaging that reproduces the iconic shape of the mocha
made from 100% recycled cardboard

//   client: WayCap   //   project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2016   //   creative direction: Sergio Molinatto   //

//   art direction: Elena Chiara   //   photoshooting: Enza Longo e Davide Serena   //

The packaging for the reusable capsule

The idea of a fully reusable coffee capsule comes from a Turin-based start-up.
The project was perfectly suited for us, given our aversion to disposable products.
We investigated the packaging project in many respects and various solutions were hypothesized: the cardboard tube, the cardboard box, the felt pouch and even the hollowed cardboard block.



The choice fell on a pack with a natural finish with an iconic shape reminiscent of the classic mocha (photo above).
In the project, the presence of the pestle inside the package was also exploited, making it pop out from the top as if it were the lid handle (last photo below).
Kapstone’s fully recycled Kraftpack cardboard was used for printing.



Nutella B-ready

It has been a long and articulated journey, but finally a brand extension product by Nutella reached the industrial stage, and we handled it through the whole initial creative stage.

//   client: Ferrero   //   project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2010-2012   //   creative direction: Sergio Molinatto   //

//   art direction: Elena Chiara, Michele Cavaglià    //   photo: Enza Longo, Aldo Ferrero   //

Studies on the
Nutella B-ready product

Nutella B-ready project started with the study of food design to define the shape of the bar, inspired by the traditional baguette.

The new bar was initially sketched with the pencil, then we made a 3D modelling and evaluated it with shades and renderings.

After several trials we came to the final shape, and we reviewed it with a mock-up on a scale of 1:1.


The result is a precious and tasty mini-baguette, to be eaten in 3 crunchy bites.




Photoshooting and the creation of the “immagine guida”

As the three-dimensional design was completed, Ferrero created the first real prototypes.

At this stage we shot photos to create the guiding image of the product, the one to be reported on packagings and communication platforms.






Naming and packaging study

Next step in our work was the process of naming and packaging. We explored several solutions, from the box shaped like a Nutella jar, or a pot-like moulded bowl, or even a tray reminiscent of the ones used for packaged snacks.


The ultimate solution was the bag, in its different variants, and it is the one we chose for the product. At this stage, the most important idea about the packaging arose: to represent the traditional bread bag on the box, from which Nutella B-ready bars peep out as if they were baguettes. This image immediately stroke everybody, because it is the perfect sum of concepts that we craved to express, like naturalness, authenticity, freshness and italian tradition.






Fine tuning and ultimate result

The package then moved to the fine tuning phase, in which composition and setting elements were clearly defined.
The ultimate solution was finally submitted to market investigation.




Bronchenolo Gola

A new packaging for Bronchenolo range

//   client: Perrigo   //   Project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2013   //   art direction: Elena Chiara, Sergio Molinatto   //
//   photo: Davide Serena   //

Bronchenolo efficacy for throat’s health

Bronchenolo expands the selection of products for self-medication with the new Bronchenolo Gola.

Arché handled the study of packaging, paying close attention to the conservation of the “family feeling” as a continuum with the rest of the line, well-known and characterized by cool colors.

On the front of the box, a red and blurred dot symbolizes the area of action.




The line of pharmaceutical products for children is renewed with a fresh and playful packaging

//   client: Perrigo   //   Project: Packaging Design   //   year: 2019   //   art direction: Elena Chiara, Fabiana Metello   //

Happy Little Nose

Perrigo Italia asked Arché to take action on updating the new Libenar range of products.
Particularly on the Nasal Aspirator and Disposable Protective Filters packaging all the highlights of the product are clearly visible on front.

Libenar, the best solutions for happy little nose.




The new cosmetics line is dressed entirely in silk

client: Chefaro Pharma // Project: Packaging Design // year: 2009 // creative direction: Sergio Molinatto //
art direction: Elena Chiara // photoshooting: Vergnano&Vergnano

Born with shirt

A new silk dress for the restyling of the packaging of the Santangelica Sericin Complex line, embellished with a wraparound shirt on all cases.
After winning the tender for the assignment of the project, the choice fell on this proposal which, with the double box, black silk and embossed embossing in the brand, highlights all the preciousness of the line.



Tenuta La Fiammenga

The wines of the Tenuta la Fiammenga are born in the prestigious hilly area of Monferrato.
We designed labels that lived up to it.

client: Tenuta la Fiammenga // Project: Packaging // year: 2009 // creative direction: Sergio Molinatto

Quality and Originality

The request was to clearly highlight the great depths of these wines, capable of competing for quality and originality with the best Piedmontese labels: thanks to refined lettering and precious printing, Arché managed to give this packaging a glare of preciousness, not ostentatious.


Alongside the range of fine wines, you can find “Quid”, a wine with a very strong personality that deserved an equally original name and label. All made in Arché.




100% NATURAL oil couvette

//   client: Perrigo   //   Project Packaging Design   //   year: 2021   //   art direction: Elena Chiara

100% Natural Bio-Oil

Arché Comunicazione supports Bio-Oil in the communication of its new 100% natural product.
It does so by enhancing its characteristics, studying images, icons and giving life to different materials.

Here it is a promotional couvette that follows the green philosophy of the product.
Not just packaging, but full-range branding for simple, refined and effective communication.



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